About Us

The “Fornace del Conte” fulfills a lifelong dream that we both dreamed of without knowing each other and that could come true when we finally met – both already blessed with wonderful children, but also shaped by not only cheerful experiences in life.

With the “Fornace Del Conte” we swap city life for a life in and with nature, between vineyards and olive groves. We fulfill our wish for peace and togetherness, for a community with family, friends and guests who appreciate and love this place as much as we do.

Working in and with nature will take up just as much space here as celebrating life while enjoying the simple, yet fine cuisine and the magnificent wines of the region. Last but not least, we will offer culture a stage – and premises where it can develop. Two dreamers who have found each other to experience wide awake that everything has really come true:

Dr. Tatjana Werner und Armin Huttenlocher

Dr. Tatjana Werner is a specialist in pediatrics. Until 2021 she worked in her own practice on the Baltic Sea coast in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). Since then she has been working as a medical director in an emergency practice in Lucerne. Tatjana is the mother of two adult kids.

Armin Huttenlocher began his professional career as a journalist, then switched to political and economic consulting. For several years he has been working as a consultant in crisis situations and as a mediator in war zones. Armin is the father of four daughters and one son; three of them are already adults, a pair of twins is still in elementary school.

Together we acquired the “Fornace Del Conte” in 2021 and, through extensive renovation, turned it into the idyll that the former brick factory is today: with four individually furnished, comfortable double and family apartments (two in the adjacent building, two in the main building) as well as two double rooms with a gallery, each of which also offers space and beds for up to two children (on the upper floor of the main building), large common room under historical domes, which is just as perfect for cooking together as for seminars, readings or workshops, 10m long pool, several terraces and our garden with the vines that give us our delicious house wine.